Peter Rodewald

Administrator/Preschool Director

"Trimont Christian Academy provides an avenue for us to educate in a way where faith and a Biblical worldview can be developed and reinforced."

Schooling/Degree: Bachelors in Elementary Education (Ball State University), Masters in Ed. Leadership (Argosy University)

Years with TCA: 4

Favorite Bible Story: The Prodigal Son

Favorite Bible Verse: Mark 12:30-31

Favorite Place to Eat: Fat Buddies

Favorite Place to Shop: Groupon

Favorite Food: BBQ Ribs

Favorite Snack/Candy: Doritos, Twizzlers

Hobbies: Golf, Hiking, Anything water related, Leading Ignite Student Ministries @ HSBC

Mandy Davis

Assistant Preschool Director

"TCA provides a Christian environment with a strong family focus. Here we are allowed the freedom to teach children about Jesus and help strengthen their relationship with Him. Working here has given me an opportunity to connect with the community through positive interactions with parents, students, and staff."

Schooling/Degree: Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Learning

Years with TCA: 2

Favorite Bible Story: Abraham & Sarah

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 12:12

Favorite Place to Eat: LuLu's on Main (Sylva)

Favorite Place to Shop: Amazon

Favorite Food: Traditional Irish Food (Shepherd's Pie, Corn Beef & Cabbage)

Favorite Snack/Candy: Oreos and Milk

Hobbies: Reading, Running, Travel

Cheyenne Chitwood

K-8 Administrative Assistant

"Working at Trimont goes beyond a job title. It has become a ministry to children and staff. It is a blessing to work here and to be able to minister to our students on a daily basis."

Schooling/Degree: Computer Technology from Athens Tech/North Georgia College

Years with TCA: 3

Favorite Bible Story: The Road to Emmaus

Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 17:20

Favorite Place to Eat: Sakura

Favorite Place to Shop: Target

Favorite Food: Pizza, Sushi

Favorite Snack/Candy: Skittles

Hobbies: Helping lead our youth ministry with my husband, Pastor Tanner Chitwood, spending time with our daughter Oaklyn and chasing waterfalls!

Jada Bryson

Preschool Administrative Assistant

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Years with TCA: First

Favorite Bible Story:

Favorite Bible Verse:

Favorite Place to Eat:

Favorite Place to Shop:

Favorite Food:

Favorite Snack/Candy: 


Michelle Heston

Finance Director

"TCA is a family to me. My daughter has been here for 8 years and this family has helped shape who she is today. I love the children and enjoy being a part of their lives."

Schooling/Degree: Bachelors in Retail, Merchandising, and Product Development

Years with TCA: 9

Favorite Bible Story: Jesus Raises a Dead Girl/Heals a Sick Woman

Favorite Bible Verse: 2 Corinthians 10:5

Favorite Place to Eat: El Charro

Favorite Place to Shop: Target, Dillards, Any outlet

Favorite Food: Crab legs, Mexican

Favorite Snack/Candy: Reeses

Hobbies: Gardening, Photography, Travel, Camping